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JON and SEX & THE CITY                                                                              Pictures

    In the midst of work on new music, JON put on his acting hat just long enough to make a guest
    appearance on an upcoming episode of the HBO Original Series SEX & THE CITY. The
    Emmy-nominated series is in its second season and stars Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie
    Bradshaw, a writer who chronicles relationships as well as the sex and dating lives of her single
    friends in New York City. In the episode entitled "GAMES PEOPLE PLAY", Carrie's friends convince
    her to see a shrink in order to deal with her relationship issues. It's in the doctor's waiting room that
    she bumps into fellow patient, photographer Seth Robinson (JON BON JOVI,) and a romance
    blossoms. The shoot was spread out over two (very hot) days in late June. Jon shot on location in NYC
    (at The Coffee Shop restaurant in Union Square) and at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, Queens
    (for you trivia buffs, that's also where BON JOVI's very first video "Runaway" was filmed way back
    when...) Here's the important part: the episode featuring JON will air on HBO Sunday night, AUGUST
    29th. Check your local listings (9:00 PM EST on Sundays is the usual timeslot for new episodes of
    SEX & THE CITY but make sure to check the right time for your timezone) Remember, SEX & THE
    CITY tends to be on the racy should be aware of that before you tune in. For more
    information on SEX & THE CITY, go to HBO's website: ( And don't worry, we'll have
    more information and lots of photos from JON's appearance on the show in the first newsletter AFTER
    the program aires. So don't forget to have your VCR's set... trust us, you WON'T want to miss this TV

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