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Sollace Mitchell (writer of Sundance Film Festival's 1992 Grand Jury Prize Winner, "In The
Soup")brings us a rich story of redemption and unrequited love. JAMEY MEADOWS (Jon Bon
Jovi) is freshly released from Rikers Island prison after taking the fall for his burglar brother, GIL
(William Forsythe). Back in Manhattan, Jamey is determined to lead a new, crime-free life and to
become a productive citizen.

Jamey loses his first job when he stands up to his racist boss. Broke and homeless, Jamey is
forced to clean windshields on Houston Street for money. He encounters Gil and his girlfriend,
PATTI, driving in their luxury car. Gil, a church-going burglar who prides himself on being
non-violent, feels a fatherly responsibility to Jamey. Burglary is the only way he knows to get
Jamey off the streets. Although Jamey desperately needs money, he rejects Gil's pleas to help him
rob stores again - but Jamey's weakening.

Jamey lands a job as a New York City census taker and slowly saves money to get out of his
homeless shelter. He meets and falls in love with CHUN HUA (Bai Ling), a beautiful, young
Chinese woman. To spend time with her, Jamey pretends that he's a successful writer and
becomes her English teacher. He discovers that to support her baby, Chun Hua has married LIU
WEI-YAN, a cruel, elderly Chinese businessman who treats her only as a showpiece. Chun Hua
longs to return to her baby's father, an improverished graduate student in China.

Meanwhile, Gil is trying to save his wife from TONY LO FAT, a Chinese ganster to whom GIl
owes $50,000. Gil goes after Jamey to steal Chun Hua's keys and rob her rich husband's
townhouse for the money. Jamey refuses and stalls Gil with a fake housekey. Nonetheless, Gil
breaks in and kidnaps Chun Hua's baby as ransom for the money he owes to Tony Lo Fat.

In the film's thrilling climax, Jamey steals the baby back from Gil, but not without terrible
consequences. While escaping with the baby in a dinghy on the Hudson River, Jamey loses his
own life. Just before he dies, Jamey hides an airline ticket to Beijing, purchased with his savings
money, underneath the baby's clothes. He has given Chun Hua and her baby a way back to
China. The film closes poignantly with Chun Hua teaching Jamey's favorite childhood song, "Row
Your Boat," to her baby as they board the airplane.

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