Behind the Scenes at the MTV Awards

Updated: Fri, Sep 07 8:06 AM EDT

By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Entertainment Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Jon Bon Jovi doesn't need to see "Rock Star" to know
how it'll fare at the box office - he thinks moviegoers will tune it

"Because it's 'Behind the Music' on a movie," the lead singer of Bon
Jovi said Thursday night in the green room at the MTV Video Music

In the movie, which opens Friday, Mark Wahlberg plays a heavy metal
fan who becomes the lead singer of his favorite band.

Mark Wahlberg is "a great actor. But those stories are not old enough
to be unique and they're probably told in a trivial way," Bon Jovi
said. "I haven't seen it, but it's there on TV every day, 24-7. My
prediction, one nice week and it's over."

Bon Jovi, who presented an award at the ceremony, was happy to see
another rock star in the green room: Kid Rock.

"I just met Kid Rock," he said. "You meet people that you wouldn't
ordinarily meet. ... He's a fan, he's a friend, he's a nice man."