JON makes his debut as Victor Morrison on ALLY McBEAL. This is Season #5 for ALLY McBEAL. It kicked off on October 22. Following is a list of countries and networks around the world carrying the fifth season of ALLY McBEAL and the START DATE for the 5th SEASON in that country - you'll be able to calculate when you'll be able to watch Jon's debut in your neck of the woods! (This stuff comes from FOX)

AUSTRALIA Seven Network (operations limited) Syndication Starts: FEB 1, 2001
CANADA CTV Network Syndication Starts: OCT 22, 2001
DENMARK TV2 Denmark Syndication Starts: MAR 1, 2002
FINLAND MTV OY Syndication Starts: MAR 1, 2002
FRANCE Metropole TV (M6) Syndication Starts: MAR 1,
2002 HOLLAND SBS Television Nederland Syndication Starts: MAR 1, 2002
HONG KONG Asia Television Ltd Syndication Starts: APR 1, 2002
JAMAICA C.V.M. Television Syndication Starts: OCT 29, 2002
JAPAN TOEI Company, Ltd. Syndication Starts: FEB 1, 2002
LATIN AMERICA FOX Latin American Channel Cable Starts: NOV 1, 2001
NEW ZEALAND Television New Zealand Syndicated Starts: JULY 1, 2002
PHILIPPINES Radio Philippine Network Syndicated Starts: MAR 1, 2002
RUSSIA TV Media Holding Syndicated Starts: NOV 1, 2001
SINGAPORE MediaCorp TV Singapore Syndicated Starts: FEB 1, 2002
TAIWAN ERA Communications Cable Starts: FEB 1, 2002
UNITED KINGDOM Channel Four TV Syndicated Starts: JAN 1, 2002
VENEZUELA Corporacion Televen Syndicated Starts: SEPT 1, 2002
YUGOSLAVIA Yucyco Ltd Syndicated Starts: NOV 1, 2002